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Lindsay Lucido, comedian, comedy, stand up

You Can Tell Me Anything

Lindsay talks with Teresa Lee about a secret she's never told anyone

Listen to Lindsay talk about nostalgia with Brandon Ream and Patrick Hastie

Wrestling With Depression

Listen to Lindsay on Wrestling With Depression with Marty DeRosa

Brendan Being Brendan

Listen to Lindsay on the Brendan Being Brendan podcast, with Kristin Fenchak

Stupid's Arrow

Chicago comedian, Lindsay Lucido, RIPS IT and talks to us about what it was like to be in diabetes camp and also shares her horror stories of online dating. Music by Josh Ejnes

The Palm Pilots

Listen to Lindsay on Palm Pilots

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The Real Meaning of Christmas

Lindsay Lucido and Annie Russell watch a lot of Christmas movies. Nobody asked them to record a podcast about it, but here it is. If you aren't sure why people watch so many Hallmark Christmas movies, this podcast is for you. If you already watch them and want more recommendations, this podcast is for you.

Andrea and Emily welcome comedian and mess Lindsay Lucido to the show.

Marc and Willie's New Best Friend Podcast

Lindsay joins Erik Scott, Willie Griswold and Marc Ranucci to talk about intentionally meeting people at open mics, growing up in very different parts of Illinois and the end product of being uncool in school. 

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